NuSmile Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 05 December 2023

1. Contact Information

Business Name: NuSmile London

Address: 29 New Road, E1 1HE, London, UK

Email: info@nusmilelondon.co.uk

Phone: 020 3376 2000

2. Information Collected

NuSmile collects personal information such as names, contact details, medical history, and other relevant data necessary for dental appointments and treatment records.

3. Purpose of Collection

Personal information is collected to facilitate appointments, maintain treatment records, and provide quality dental care.

4. Consent and Authorization

NuSmile obtains explicit consent from individuals before collecting personal information and adheres to the principles of informed consent.

5. Data Storage and Security

Patient data is securely stored on encrypted servers with restricted access to authorized personnel. NuSmile employs industry-standard security measures to protect against unauthorized access.

6. Sharing of Information

NuSmile does not share personal information with third parties unless required for legal or regulatory purposes.

7. Retention Period

Patient data is retained for the duration necessary for the provision of dental services and as required by applicable laws.

8. Patient Rights

Patients have the right to access, correct, or delete their personal information. Requests can be made by contacting NuSmile using the provided contact information.

9. Cookies and Tracking

NuSmile may use cookies on its website to enhance user experience. Visitors can manage cookie preferences through their browser settings.

10. Legal Compliance

NuSmile complies with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in handling personal information.

11. Updates to the Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is periodically reviewed and updated. Any significant changes will be communicated to individuals via the website or other appropriate channels.

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